Each child of Vatsalyadham becomes independent and proves to be a role model who can work for the betterment of the community, contributes to the progress of the nation and spreads happiness all over.


To impart quality education, develop skills, and provide shelter.
To provide them a home where their dreams could blossom into reality and soar towards the sky.
To create a role model future citizen which the society can follow.

Our Story

A noble thought of Shri. Vasant Gajera and Smt. Champaben Vasantbhai Gajera to help the needy and homeless children, struggling even for basic needs, gave birth to the Vatsalyadham – A Home for Orphans.

25th May 2005, on the birthday of Shree Vasant Gajera, this thought became a reality with the gracious hands of Swami Shri Dharambandhuji. 56 children who did not have any hope or vision in life, got shelter and love under the roof of Vatsalyadham.

At present, Vatsalyadham has become a home for 850 children who have hope, vision, and mission for living.

Vatsalyadham has become a centre of holistic development for these children. It provides physical, mental and spiritual support to the children and make them capable to create their own identity. At present, most of them have gained high degree of education, serving happily in their profession, and leading a respectable life. Not just Education, Vatsalyadham also provides an environment of immense opportunities to realize their passion and unlock full potential for achieving the best of their abilities.

The vision and mission of Vatsalyadham is that each child should get an opportunity to blossom.

Our Model

Even after seven decades of independence, the country is still miserable due to poverty and illiteracy. In India today, millions of children are suffering from hunger due to poverty, resulting in the country to suffer from antisocial elements in future.

An institution like Vatsalayadham has begun to offer a unique service in the development of children. They have started their formulation by bringing destitute-ridden children from places like railway stations, bus stations, remand homes, and many such places. This work has taken over a decade today. Seeds that were planted decades ago are blooming as trees and have succeeded in bringing the help to the lives of many people.

Vatsalayadham believes in the overall development of the child. Lessons are taught here to save the human life which is an invaluable gift to the society. If the destitute and non-alienated are not given proper guidance, then they will climb on the roads of crime. Naxalism and the most daunting challenges of terrorism are the destitute children and the indigenous education. There is a need of many such Vatsalyadham to extend the help to create 300 million children of our country.

If you think, the resource-rich class of society can contribute its worth. True nationalism is hidden only after participating in the development of the country and accepting the responsibility of being forced to part with responsibility. Not everyone has to fight on the border to show patriotism. This work is being ridiculed for millions of people in the country. Even if you do any work to solve the country's basic question, it is a true patriotism. Hope that the society will be united to bring devotion to the destitute's life.

Our People

Our teachers have to perform the role of nurturer for these homeless and needy children. At Vatsalyadham – A land of the benevolence is the place where children's interest and passion is being taken care of. Children of Vatsalyadham are endowed with love, warmth, and encouragement to bring out their innate talent. The President of the Gajera Trust and founder of Vatsalyadham – Shree. Vasantbhai Gajera is our role model. He strongly urges that not even a single child of Vatsalyadham should feel homeless and lonely and we constantly try to accomplish his objective. I and my whole staff of Vatsalyadham constantly try that none of the children should feel disheartened here.


After all the hardships and strong efforts, more than 850 children of society have found home at Vatsalyadham and for this, the whole credit goes to the trustees of Vatsalyadham. The whole staff is dedicated and determined for the overall development of children.

We promise to the society that we will try our best to bring out the child’s innate hidden talent and to make them literate and self-reliant future citizens. The entire team of Vatsalyadham works hard to encourage children and to inculcate feeling of patriotism to become ideal citizens. Wishing all the best to the children of Vatsalyadham to achieve great success and lead an inspiring life.

Mr. Vasant Gajera
Smt S.H. Gajera Charitable Trust

Trustee's Message

"Activeness and dedication can get you the things, you have always wished for"

There was a time when to be a successful businessman was the only aim of my life. One day, I realized that I owe to the community and it is the time to give back what I owe. With this realization, I started working for the welfare of the community. That was the time when my wife Smt. Champaben expressed her desire to do something for the needy and homeless children of the society. I was in search of a right direction. She guided me with her vision and we created Vatsalyadham. With the support of all my brothers, on 25th May 2005, Vatsalyadham got its existence. My wife’s desire took the shape of reality.

Vatsalyadham is not an orphanage. It is a temple where people like me and you can contribute to the society and achieve eternal happiness. We just don’t rear children who come to Vatsalyadham but we make them a better human being and responsible future torchbearers. This noble cause gives immense satisfaction to me.