Children living in the different environment when enter Vatsalyadham have hidden potentials, a passion to learn and to explore new creativity. We, at Vatsalyadham provide right direction to these children to fulfill their dreams, desires and help them to reach their goals. We instill constructive vision and mission to these children.

Along with basic education and discipline, we also give importance to the creative skills of children. We focus on the passion of every child and help them to specialize in it. Additionally, we give emphasis on positive change in their thoughts, language, and behavior, to make them responsible future citizens who can contribute to the Nation’s growth.

Our Teachers play a very important role of parents as well as of mentors for these children and nurture them to become cultured, well skilled and good human beings. At Vatsalyadham, each child is taught with all the aspects of Art, Modern Science and Technology to establish themselves in life.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

We inspire today’s youth to actively participate in collaborative learning, bolstering young peers to be the successful pioneers of tomorrow

Learning together means sharing of knowledge, thoughts and creative skills with each other. Students of Gajera Group of schools visit Vatsalyadham every Sunday and share bookish knowledge and also innovative creativities with them. On the other hand, Vatsalyadham Students share with them the knowledge of Life Skills activities like Farming, Gardening, Handcraft and many more. Vatsalyadham sets a perfect example of peer to peer learning.


Educational Program (Written Examination)Date
Unit TestMonthly
First Semester Exam / SA1October, 2018
Second Semester Exam / SA2 January, 2019
Educational Program (Written Examination)Date
Unit TestMonthly
First Semester Exam / SA1October, 2018
Second Semester Exam / SA2 / Practice TestJanuary, 2019
Board Exam (Std. 10th and 12th)March, 2019


Sr. No.YearNumber of StudentsPassFailSchool Result
Sr. No.YearNumber of StudentsPassFailSchool Result


Along with education, it is also important that students explore and participate in co-curricular activities, which help them to develop various skills like performing arts, dance, music, sports, and many more.


If there is strong desire to achieve something and a strong determination of hard work then there is nothing in this universe which any human on earth cannot achieve. There are many examples around the world that almost everyone has accepted that this work is impossible. There is no one else but a determined person who can make it possible. It doesn’t really matter if a person is poor or helpless. Just by giving a chance you may get something unique, incredible. Children of Vatsalyadham are so talented that if given an opportunity, they have potential to do wonders. Vatsalyadham has taken an initiative for such children.

To bring out the innate potential of every child, one has to work in a planned manner. At Vatsalyadham, basic and advanced facilities have been set up to bring out the hidden talent among children in the sports sector. Children play different games since childhood and in many times they have showcased their talents, such kind of platform has been given to them by Vatsalyadham.

On a journey of decade, the children have won many awards in the Khelmahakumbh and also in various national competitions. Today, the Vatsalayadham family feels proud of their children's performance in the field of sports. In the last ten years, the children have performed their best, right from the rural level to the national level in various sports like Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Shot-Put, Carom, Football, Basketball, Badminton.